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Premium Car Repairs To Get You Back On The Road

Has your car broken down? Or are you in need of replacement parts? Don’t let your car issues go untreated, we are here to provide complete repairs so that you can get back on the road and carry on with your routine.

So whether your clutch is slipping, brake pads need replacing or a coil spring has snapped, our mechanics are here to help.

  • Clutches
  • Suspension
  • Car electrics
  • Brakes
  • Cam belts
  • Engine
  • Air conditioning
  • Accident damage
  • Steering
  • Body panels

Complete Car Repairs

If your repair requires replacement parts, we can use Original Equipment to ensure it’s the perfect fit and of high quality. Please call to book your car in for repairs or if you need us to locate the source of the issue.


Keeping your clutch system in perfect working order is vital in ensuring the safe operation of your car. If you experience difficulty changing gears, there is a grinding noise or your engine is revving in an irregular way, your clutch may need to be repaired or replaced. As clutch specialists, we can take care of all clutch work and ensure your vehicle is safe to drive.



It’s important to check your brakes regularly for signs of wear or corrosion. If your brakes appear to be in poor condition or are losing responsiveness, make sure you book your car in for a check. From there we can supply and fit and replacement parts so that you can drive your car safely.



The suspension of your vehicle normally has some warning signs when it needs looking into. If you’re feeling every bump in the road when you drive or your tyres aren’t wearing evenly, it could be due to your suspension. We can provide all repairs from replacement springs to new shocks, so please call to arrange to get your suspension repaired.