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Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment, generally referred to as tracking, is part of a car that requires regular maintenance (every 10,000 miles or so) to make sure that the wheels of your vehicle are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the surface of the road. As even a small amount of misalignment will force your tyres to move sideways whilst travelling and will also cause your tyres to wear unevenly. Therefore, it is important to have the tracking on your car regularly checked. We, at Abbey Car Trade, Rugby can do this for you, for only £29.99.

Not only will we realign your tyre’s, we will check;

The pressure, size and condition of your wheels.

 Check for suspension damage and worn suspension joints.

Check your cars wheel bearings

Check your radius and slip plates

And lastly road test your vehicle to make sure your wheels are fully aligned.

Contact us today to book your car in for a wheel alignment using our Contact Us page.